October 2016: Hi! We are CLOSED for fiction, poetry, and presentations while we work on NOÖ [17], which will be released in November. After it's out, we'll reopen for submissions.

Until then, we're still open for visual art! Thanks! =)

Please read some of our most recent issues (free and online!) to get an idea of what we like. We publish issues simultaneously online and in print.

— Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know if someone else snags it before we have the chance.
— We pay in 2 contributor copies.
— Please allow 2-3 months for response.

Visual art that reminds us of Ryan Trecartin, Roger Ballen, Harmony Korine, Petra Cortright, Mary Ellen Mark, William Eggleston, innovative socks, NASCAR paint jobs of the early 1990s, and what Egpytian gods would be into if they had been too shy to go to prom. Because we publish the print issue in B&W, we appreciate work that translates well into B&W, but we like color too! Links to online work are fine, but we can also accept attachments of JPGs. If your work is accepted, we will need high quality 300+ dpi JPGs.
NOO Journal & Magic Helicopter Press